Crazy Spider cookies


Learn how to make these spider cookies here—> Spider cookie recipe


a thanksgiving leftover favorite…

It’s not muh funeral and it’s not Thanksgiving, But Im gonna make these today anyway!

City Julep

Well Thanksgiving is tomorrow so I know if your family is anything like mine, I’ll be up at 4am with my momma putting the turkey in the oven,then cooking all day with a precise time chart to make sure everything is perfectly cooked and served to perfection. But as many of you have probably experienced, this is exhausting, I mean you are literally cooking from 4am to 3 pm for a whole days work to be demolished in an hour. Which leads to my next point, the day after Thanksgiving, Lord help the poor soul who says “whats for lunch?”, oh I’ll tell ya what’s for lunch, you walkin over to the freakin fridge and cook something yourself! Below you will find one of my favorite recipes that might help save one of your family members heads from being ripped off, they’re called funeral sandwiches, now I don’t know why they are called this, I generally take them to my friends and family if someone…

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